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You’re ready to earn six figures as a travel nurse, but aren’t sure what to believe when it comes to high-dollar assignments. Travel nurse pay can be confusing but we’ve got you covered. Beware these myths circling around $100,000 travel jobs.

Myth 1: Travel nursing assignments that can earn you $100K annually aren’t really attainable.

The truth: With the help of an experienced travel nursing recruiter, landing a $100K job is a realistic goal. The key, however, is putting yourself in the best possible situation to fill one of these highly-attractive positions. That means being flexible and jumping quickly on new opportunities.

Myth 2: $100K travel nursing jobs only exist in California.

The truth: This is something we often hear at THS, and it’s simply not true. While many $100K assignments are in California, such openings arise around the country based on the needs (often critical and/or immediate) of healthcare facilities.

Myth 3: Travel nurses targeting six-figure yearly salaries clock long hours.

The truth: Travel nurses with goals of earning $100K or are not typically working more hours than peers who accept other 13-week travel assignments. While opportunities may exist to grow your paycheck by working overtime, this is not a mutually exclusive rule.

Myth 4: Only travel nurses with certain specialties can land $100K jobs.

The truth: There are certain specialties that healthcare facilities are in greater need of than others (OR or CVICU, for example), but that doesn’t mean that $100K opportunities will only appear for nurses with those specialties.

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