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There are really only two villain nurses in this entire 64-nurse tournament. Annie Wilkes and Nurse Ratched both came in with lots of momentum as the baddest nurses in the bracket. And now after yesterday’s voting, only one remains. Voters gave Annie Wilkes a taste of her own medicine when they took her legs out from underneath her by pushing Grey’s Anatomy’s Tyler Christian.

That’s a nine-seeded nurse taking out a top-dog one seed. Real smooth, Tyler.


Across the bracket was another major upset. ER’s Haleh Adams took out two-seeded Carla Espinosa from Scrubs. No one saw that one coming. Considering Espinosa’s surroundings, it was virtually a lock that she would end up in the next round. But her tournament run ends early. Sorry Espinosa.



But we’re all set. The final 16┬áhas been finalized thanks to all of your votes. Now it’s time to get to the next round. Click the link to vote now and push your favorite nurse onward.