The 2016 Gypsy Nurse Spring Fling was a blast. This is becoming a must-attend event in the travel nursing community. We sent this respected bunch of THS recruiters to New Orleans, to serve as model diplomats on behalf of our company:

IMG_20160302_163022728_HDR (002)

The view of Bourbon Street from our balcony was awesome!

We set up our booth decorated with lots of THS swag and waited for the room to fill. Ashleigh modeled our sweet signs.



We met lots of incredible travel nurses. There may have been more personality in this room than all of Bourbon Street. Alexa was all over the place.

Fling 1

Fling 2

Blaine tried his hand at the mechanical bull. Seems like he got the hang of it.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun. And as promised, we gave away an iPad.

It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know all of these exceptional travel nurses. And if you’re looking for more information on travel nursing with THS, click the button below to learn why travel nurses ranked THS a Top-10 travel nursing agency – twice! 

Nurses Ranked THS a Top-10 Agency, TWICE