Tailored Healthcare Staffing takes pride in its exceptional nursing talent servicing American facilities across the country. We like to acknowledge outstanding performers, and this month, we’d like to congratulate Nikki. Nikki is officially May’s travel nurse of the month.

The following support was provided by Nikki’s facility:

Yesterday was a very, very busy day at SLS in the ICU. We couldn’t keep up with the ICU admits hitting the ED. Nikki remained so positive and engaged throughout the whole shift. She was actually my “core” staff yesterday and did an awesome job with everything. She provided great care and displayed great teamwork that helped make the shift so much better. She also did a great job dealing with a difficult family and physician.

More from Nikki’s recruiter, Sarah:

I think the facility nailed it when they referred to her as positive and demonstrating great teamwork. Nikki has been on two contracts with me, and has also referred others. She never has a complaint, is hardworking, flexible, and just an overall great nurse. It is a rare and impressive compliment to get an email from a facility about how great a nurse is, so it made me extremely happy when I read the letter! I always knew that Nikki was great, and it’s nurses like her that make this kind of impression on others—that give us such a great reputation! I really appreciate her hard work and loyalty, and for representing us in such an awesome way!

Thanks for being so incredible Nikki! And for more information on why nurses like Nikki love traveling with Tailored, click the button below!

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