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Popularity apparently isn’t good enough. Regions three and four of the Ultimate Nurse Madness bracket saw some upsets, but none bigger than the dismissal of Parks and Rec funny nurse Anne Perkins. The four-seeded Perkins was uprooted by sleeper pick Laverne Roberts, who is the only 13 seed to advance thus far. Sorry Anne.


There weren’t many other huge surprises. Both one seeds Focker and Hot Lips crushed their opponents and floated comfortably to the next round. Nurse Dori from the little-known Childrens Hospital (late night Adult Swim on Cartoon Network) stole an upset over General Hospital’s Elizabeth Warner.

Speaking of General Hospital Рthe daytime soap did not fair well in this tournament. There were nine nurses from General Hospital Рnot a single one made it out of the first round. No one feels more validated than the angry American Horror Story fans miffed about the omission of Nurse Gladys or Nurse Maria. The committee will take this one on the chin.

But now we’re just one round away from determining the final¬†16 teams. Click here to vote now and ensure your favorite fictional nurse stays alive!