How Do I Choose a Travel Nursing Company?

With over 300 travel nurse staffing companies pumping out blog articles, social posts, and recruitment emails daily, researching agencies be tricky. How do you choose the right company (or companies) to work with? View this Travel Nurse Academy video for the answer.

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How Do I Choose a Travel Nursing Company?

When deciding which travel nursing agency is right for you, there are a few things you should consider.

First is reputation: If you know other travelers, ask them if there are any companies they’ve enjoyed working with. Utilize online resources such as Blue Pipes and Highway Hypodermics for recommendations.

Also consider where you want to go. If you have a specific city or hospital in mind, be sure to ask this up front so your recruiter can search for possible job availabilities.

Next, get to know recruiters at different agencies. Your recruiter will be your point of contact; make sure you work with someone you trust. At the same time, if you like a company but not the recruiter, ask if you can work with a different recruiter there.

Finally, be sure to consider compensation packages, benefits, and housing options a company can provide. Do they meet your needs?

Choosing the right travel nursing company comes down to reputation, trust, location, compensation and benefits.

It’s your career, find the partner that is right for you.

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