Meet Our Super Nurse Recruiters

Aliesha Flora

Aliesha Flora



Favorite Food: Seafood… couldn’t live without it. I’ve tried a lot – from sea bass, to octopus, to squid.

Travel wishlist: First on the bucket list is to travel is to Jerusalem. I’ve always dreamed of taking my mom and dad to Tuscany, the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” really did it for me. It’s also a dream for me to see different mountains and lakes, such as Mt. Rainier, Moraine Lake, Mirror Lake, Lake Louise, Mt. Baker, Patagonia (Chile) and so many more.

Where are you from? I’m from Flemingsburg, KY. It is about 1 hour away from Northern Kentucky, but considered Eastern, KY. Google us – we’re the covered bridge capital of KY. 😊 It’s such a small town that we just got our 4th stop light this past year, it’s a dry county, I graduated with 80 people and I hit a cow with my car.

What household chore do you absolutely love doing? All cleaning – it’s a stress reliever for me! I clean my apartment at least once a week and I make my bed every single morning.