Meet Our Super Nurse Recruiters

Ericka Moore

Ericka Moore



Where are you from? Pikeville, KY small town in the middle of nowhere! Yes, I have an accent and we have a huge festival every year called Hillbilly days (look it up). I had a graduating class of 64! How did I get to Cincinnati, OH? I decided to go to University of Cincinnati where a few bachelors degrees. I have been here since 2012 and have devloped a love for the Cincinnati Reds, and Skyline chili.

What song is played the most from your music collection? One of these nights- by the Eagles. I had the pleasure of seeing them live playing this song and it has always been one of my favorites. I was so close to Joe Walsh I even got a selfie. No, I wasn’t born in the 70’s I just have great taste in music. Followed by Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers, and CCR to name a few. I developed my love for good music from my dad who would spend countless hours with his band while I was growing up and of course he was a Rockstar. I would always listen to his practices and they would play all of these amazing songs that I fell in love with.

Where is your favorite place to shop and why? I was in retail for years! Former manager at J.Crew. So you could say that J.Crew is one of my favorites. On the other hand Nordstrom is my one stop shop. They have all of my favorite designers. I love fashion and it has been a huge part of my life. Since Pikeville, KY didn’t have anywhere to shop my grandmother (MiMi as I call her) would take me shopping in different cities most weekends when I wasn’t playing sports. Nordstrom was always my favorite place to go because they had everything I was looking for in one department store and I enjoyed the higher end fashion designers they carry.

Tell us about your pets– I have a 5 year old Yorkie, his name is Raj and he is VERY spoiled. I got his name from the tiger Rajah from Aladdin. He is a mommas boy and doesn’t enjoy when I give attention to other dogs. Therefore, Raj is an only child. He is also a very spoiled grand-dog. He gets to go to Pikeville, KY for trips to Mimi’s house. She always has bags of treats and new squeaky toys for him. At 8lbs Raj thinks he is a one of the big dogs. He has a very big personality.