Meet Our Super Nurse Recruiters

Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood

Recruiting Team Leader


Baloo, our Blue Pit bull, is the bodyguard at home. His bark is mean but he’s a big teddy bear. He does an amazing job protecting our yard from moles and squirrels.
Baloo’s best friend is our youngest daughter Lola.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I love researching new and exciting places for our nurses to travel. Its a wonderful feeling to be a part of someone’s new adventure!

What is your all time favorite hobby?
I love to cook. It’s like an art form. My husband always says, “You may make the same dish 10 times. Each time it tastes a little different, but it’s always delicious”

Travel wishlist?
ALASKA is a dream of mine! There seems to be adventure around every turn. One day I will stand in awe of all it’s majestic beauty. I am also attracted to big cities. New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego; these are just a few on my list. I love the history that these cities hold and the amazing stories one can discover.

What household chore do you absolutely love doing?
I love to clean the windows. Fingerprints drive me crazy and nothing is more satisfying than “a streak free shine”