Meet Our Super Nurse Recruiters

Ryland Newman

Ryland Newman


Where did you grow up?
The beautiful state of wild and wonderful West “by God” Virginia. No, I’m not a Mountaineer fan. I LOVE MY TAR HEELS!!!

What’s on your travel wishlist?
Bora Bora, Europe, Brazil and Italy

What’s your favorite food?
I have a few favorite foods:
1. Chicken cordon bleu
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Skittles (tropical)
4. Chips – BBQ, Cheddar, Doritos, Puffy’s, and Pringles

What is your all-time favorite hobby?
I love to play basketball! I played in college, but as I get older I don’t think I can keep up with the younger generation. I may have lost a step or two, but I love playing and competing. I also enjoy hanging with family and friends watching games!