Tailored Healthcare Staffing (THS) was ranked as one of the best travel nursing agencies of 2016.

Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central – both national travel nursing hubs – conduct annual reviews of US travel nursing companies using feedback from travel nurses. Over 1,100 nurses nationwide submitted an evaluation to Highway Hypodermics while Travel Nursing Central received more than 3,900 reviews, and the results are final: THS is a Top-10 travel nursing agency.

highway hypodermics

This marks THS’ first appearance on these lists, which isn’t surprising considering the company’s rapid growth over just the last few years. Now according to Matt Williams, Vice President of THS, the company plans on becoming a mainstay:

“We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring our nurses are accommodated. The positive feedback is evidence that our focus on nurses and their needs first hasn’t gone unnoticed. We want nurses to choose THS and our appearance on these lists proves we’re an optimal choice.”

Citing things like benefits, 24/7 recruiter access and dedicated credentialing and housing, nurses had virtually nothing but positive things to say about their experience with THS. The data – collected by two different sites – proves on thing: nurses love working with THS.

Due to factors like the Affordable Care Act, which has exponentially increased the amount of insured people, and the silver tsunami, a term coined to describe the windfall of nurses slated to retire in the next few years, the demand for travel nursing has reached a 20-year high. Traveling nurses have a wealth of options, meaning they’re not tied to the poor working conditions and staffing ratios facing most full-time nurses.

If you’re a traveling nurse, or a nurse interested in traveling, contact Tailored Healthcare Staffing about open assignments. With so many agencies, it’s hard to choose, but national recognition like this doesn’t happen without numerous authentic positive experiences. Click the button below to explore open assignments with THS and discover why so many nurses like you are working with Tailored!

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