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With the holiday season upon us, many people are planning family parties, big meals, and merry gift-giving. While most workplaces close on and around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, it’s important to remember that hospitals and other healthcare facilities cannot. Patients still need to be cared for and medical emergencies managed every single day. This holiday season, the team at Tailored Healthcare Staffing encourages all to thank an RN who is spending their holiday(s) taking care of patients.

Registered nurses working the holidays will tell you it’s all part of the job, but in reality they are making an incredible sacrifice for those in their care. These RNs dedicate themselves to their profession and often work long hours on the floor. Spending the holidays at work can be difficult, but by showing a nurse some appreciation, you can make working a holiday shift even more rewarding. The nurse that is taking care of a grandmother after back surgery will make the whole experience of spending Thanksgiving in the hospital one she will look back on fondly, knowing she received the same loving care she would have at home. The triage nurse is there to answer any questions a new parent may have about a teething baby who is running a fever.

This holiday season, please give thanks that RNs across the country possess incredible hearts and give up time with their own families and friends to care for patients; they deserve appreciation and recognition now and every day of the year.

From the entire team at Tailored Healthcare Staffing, thank you to the nurses working over the holidays. Your sacrifice means the world to us and the patients you’re helping!

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