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This Wednesday morning, Tailored Healthcare Staffing’s Chief Nurse Officer Earl Dalton will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on /r/Nursing. With over 20 years of acute hospital experience, Earl has experience in numerous roles, including:

  • Register nurse
  • Director of emergency services
  • Director of critical care and cath-lab
  • Executive director of nursing
  • Chief Nursing Officer

Because of Earl’s vast experience, you’ll be able to ask him questions related to:

  • nursing career goals
  • nurse pay/compensation
  • education, experience
  • travel nursing both locally and internationally

Earl can also answer frequent questions like:

What path best suits my goals?

Healthcare and the political landscape: what does it all mean?

How does value-based purchasing and accountable care model affect me at the bedside?

What is Magnet and how to easily can my facility achieve it?

Do I really need higher education i.e. BSN? The future of hospital care and the disruption caused by “minute clinics” Patient experience – It’s a new day people!

If you’ve never heard of an AMA, it’s simply an open-forum type thread where someone is designated to answer any question you have about a certain topic. Of course that doesn’t mean every question is answered, but Earl will be answering as many questions as possible.

Stop by and take advantage of this great opportunity to chat with a Chief Nursing Officer!

You can access the announcement on Reddit by clicking here.