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At THS, we give thanks for the Super Nurses who travel the country, providing care to those who need it most. Working with travel nurses is our passion, and we strive to provide the best experience for all nurses who answer the call to travel.

Thanks to our Super Nurses, THS has been named as one of the 20 Best Travel Nursing Companies of 2019 by BluePipes. This annual rating was based on reviews from travel nurses and their experiences working with travel nursing agencies. The data was collected from the following sites: Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Facebook, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google. To view the complete list of 2019 Best Travel Nursing Companies, click here.

Travel nurses submitted over 10,000 new reviews of travel nursing companies in the past year. The competition in the travel nursing sector is growing, and we’re proud to stand out from the rest thanks to the dedication of our travel nurses.

We’re honored to be ranked on this list three years in a row. To us it means we’re embodying our mission of treating every travel nurse like a Super Nurse. Being named one of the best travel nursing agencies year after year shows our commitment to our nurses is unwavering, and we aim to continue to be the best sidekicks we can to Super Nurses like you.


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