Travel Nurse Resources

Pay & Benefits

The most common reason experienced RNs consider travel nursing: pay. Travelers can typically earn higher compensation than permanent staff nurses. Here you will find resources that explain why, as well as how travel nurse salaries are often structured, and how medical insurance benefits are handled.

Travel & Housing

The biggest concern for most nurses considering travel jobs: Where am I going to live? The Travel Nurse Academy explains what travel nurse housing options are, who pays for it, and how the accommodations are arranged.


As with any nursing position, travel nursing comes with its own set of requirements. Let us help you determine what you need to do and have in order to become a Super Travel Nurse.


Nurses work long hours and odd shifts, but how your time is spent off the clock can be just as impactful. Learn more about the lifestyle of a travel nurse, including journals from some of our very own Super Nurses.


Travel Nursing comes with a lot of questions. Allow the Travel Nurse Academy to answer some of our most asked questions…