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Travel Nurse Resources


The most common reason experienced RNs consider travel nursing: pay. Travelers can typically earn higher compensation than permanent staff nurses. Here you will find resources that explain why, as well as how travel nurse salaries are often structured, and how medical insurance benefits are handled.

Travel & Housing

THS has a valiant Travel & Housing team that organizes or advises your travel nurse housing needs. Best of all, they’re a free resource to you regardless of your chosen housing situation.


Nurses work long hours and odd shifts, but how your time is spent off the clock can be just as impactful. Learn more about the lifestyle of a travel nurse, including journals from some of our very own Super Nurses.


Travel Nursing comes with a lot of questions. Over the years THS has compiled a repository of answers to questions we get the most, so you get the info no matter where you are in your travel nursing journey.