Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Nursing comes with a lot of questions. Allow the Travel Nurse Academy to answer some of our most asked questions…

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Here Are Three Tips for First-Time Travel Nurses.

Tip 1: Be flexible. With so many open positions around the country, locking in your first assignment is all about timing and flexibility. Be open-minded about all aspects of your assignment—location, unit type, shift rotation, start date, etc. It’s wise to have preferences, but be careful not to limit your own possibilities.

Tip 2: Be organized. Make copies of your degrees, CV, special certifications, state licenses, CEUs, and medical records. Your agency will likely provide a credentialing specialist who helps you file everything the hospital needs, but have these all documents readily accessible to speed up the process.

Tip 3: Be an amazing nurse! Exhibit the right attitude, be a positive influence, and believe in yourself. You have the resources and knowledge to be successful.

The orientation window on a unit is often short, so utilize every moment with your preceptor and ask questions!

The most successful travel nurses know how to be both confident and respectful.

Learn more about life as a travel nurse with the Travel Nurse Academy from Tailored Healthcare Staffing.

What Does a Travel Nurse Do?
What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

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