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Results are in from the first day of voting in the Ultimate Nurse Madness Bracket. Needless to say, not everything went as planned. Nurse Jackie and Annie Wilkes, the two one-seeds from these regions, both moved on with ease, effortlessly crushing their opponents. But not every high seeded nurse was so lucky.

In typical NCAA fashion, there was a major 5 v 12 upset. Nurse Linda from Nip/Tuck ousted General Hospital’s Bobbie Spencer in a stunning upset – it wasn’t even close. Up next for Nurse Linda is Nurse Christine Chapel from Star Trek: The Original Series. Will Nip/Tuck fans outnumber the Trekies?

Here are the updated regions:


rg 2 round 2

Be sure to vote on the other regions today to ensure your favorite nurse characters gets one step closer to the greatest of all time!